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I'm so glad you're here!

Are you a fan of excellent packaging? Love a story that connects a brand to its community?

A cohesive brand identity can be a reality for your brand. Whether you’re a product-based brand in need of e-commerce, or a blogger ready to step up to the next level, I’d love nothing more than to bring your vision to life.

I’m Megan Elliott, I’ve been blogging since 2012 and designing websites since 2013. Over the past decade, I’ve learned how to develop brands through strategic logo design, custom website builds, and so much more.


More than just web design


A cohesive brand identity is more than just web design. Connect with your audience through strategic branding and enhance your website with branded templates, media kits, and more.


goal-driven strategy

brand messaging

color theory

user experience

The Best in the Industry

Working with Megan is one of the best experiences I have had in the industry. She is talented, responsive, and knows what she is doing. She was able to build us a site that within days had more sales than the entire year prior on our old site. Once that site was successful we extended the contract to our 3 other sites and joined the VIP Program. You could not go wrong with Megan!

A Dream to Work With

I’ve worked with Megan for the past 3 years.  She’s created two blog designs for me and was a dream to work with!  Megan is responsive, professional and always open to finding creative solutions for my blog needs.  I feel like she is part of my team, helping me with any of my blog related items.  I have recommended her to numerous blogger friends of mine!


Better Than Imagined

OH MY GOSH, I am DYING and trying to hold in my excitement for how much I absolutely LOVE what you’ve done and the direction you’ve gone. I feel like you’ve captured my brand personality perfectly! It’s better than I could’ve ever imagined. I mean all of it is. Honestly I haven’t been able to stop looking at it because it’s INCREDIBLE! Obsessed, in love, DYING – it’s everything and more!!! ?

My Site was Transformed

Thanks to Megan at Lush Design Shop, my site was transformed. She made my vision come to life! Before Megan, my site was hard to use, boring, and not unique to me. Megan took my vision and made it even better. Megan was prompt in her responses whenever I needed help with technical issues. From start to finish she was resourceful, kind, and professional. My blog is now efficient, professional, and tailored to MY style. I am forever grateful for Megan and her amazing talent!

Let's elevate your brand All packages are built for each client's needs


Logo Design

Web Design

Web Development

Media Kit Design

SEO & Site Speed Optimization

Branded Template Design

Blog Migration Services

Tech Support

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